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What is Parquet?

Parquet is a highly compressed file format for storing tabular data that is used widely in data engineering use cases.

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Data Engineering

What is the separation of storage and compute in data platforms and why does it matter?

As businesses strive to become data-driven, the separation of storage and compute has become a critical factor in data platforms.

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Data Engineering

How to Build an Incremental Model for Events Using dbt and Snowflake

Learn how to use the incremental model in dbt to manage data streams in your Snowflake warehouse.

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Data Engineering

How to get your data from an AWS RDS database into Snowflake

Learn how to move data from Amazon RDS into Snowflake so that it can be used for analytics.

Data lakes support unstructured content but can be complex to navigate, while some data warehouses are more user-friendly and suitable for use by less technical users in an enterprise, as illustrated by this photograph of data engineers diagramming a data pipeline based on event data.

Data Engineering

What’s the Difference Between a Data Warehouse and a Data Lake?

The main difference between data lakes and data warehouses is data lakes allow unstructured data, but data warehouses need structured data.

Creating charts for data visualization and analytics is difficult by hand, illustrated by this drawing of a line chart on graph paper with a pen and ruler on a wooden table, so we’ve selected our favorite React charting libraries: Recharts, Echarts for React, React ChartJS 2, and VISX.

Data Engineering

Best React Charting Libraries for Data Visualization and Analytics

We've picked Recharts, Echarts, React ChartJS 2, and VISX as the best charting libraries for data visualization and data analytics in React.

In-product analytical dashboards, like the one shown in this photograph, typically require data engineers to construct, while data analysts tend to be involved in manual reporting of data analytics. In comparison, data scientists are frequently found working on scientific or machine learning projects.

Data Engineering

What Is the Difference Between a Data Engineer, a Data Scientist, and a Data Analyst?

In the “Big Data” industry, there are big differences among the work responsibilities of data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts.

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